Find, control, schedule, and monitor your AND devices


IP Clockwise is a PC/Mac application that can be used to send audio tones and messages to AND’s IP Clocks and IP speakers, or as a standalone PC/Mac application for clock chimes and timers. The application provides a complete solution for programming and scheduling AND devices. IP Clockwise can also be used with our partner solutions or Cisco Call Manager as a debugging too.

General Features
  • Instantly finds all of your AND devices
  • Programmable clock chimes and bell scheduling
  • Configurable groups and zones
  • 2-way communication support
  • Configurable switchboard for push button access to alerts and paging
  • Configures news, weather, stock, Twitter, #hashtag, and RSS feeds
  • Built in timer, stopwatch, and scoreboard
  • Built-in pixmap builder for creating custom graphics on AND devices
  • Brightness and volume are controllable for different times of day/night
  • Volume override capability
  • Runs in the background with virtually no CPU
  • Sound library. Also can add your own
  • Background music/audio support
  • All settings saved on exit

Clockwise demos, documentation, sound files and more can be found here.


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