How Our Devices Help

Our IP devices deliver effective visual and audio notifications for any facility.

A teacher with elementary students in a classroom. An IP Speaker with Display on the wall shows the time.


Schools use IP devices for bell scheduling, paging, and two-way intercom.

  • Alerts and scrolling messages keep students informed and on schedule.
  • Emergency alerts and instructions for safety and security.
  • Administrators stay connected with the classroom teachers via intercom.
  • Peripherals and SIP integration enable instant lockdown of doors and a call to authorities with a push of a button.

A hospital ER room with patients and a doctor. A Small IP Display shows a bright yellow background for a 'Code Blue' message.


Hospitals and assisted living facilities use IP devices to inform staff, communicate with patients, and plan for emergencies, including audio and visual code alerts.

A large, open-space lobby with a Large IP Signboard and Surface Mount IP Speaker communicate informational messaging.

Retail and Public Facilities

Public facilities use IP devices for promotional messaging, paging, and enhancing the audio environment with sound masking or background music.

An employee in an office talks on the phone. A Small IP Display with wood frame on the wall scrolls a multi-color news feed.

Corporate Environment

Offices use IP devices to keep employees informed, expand the reach of a SIP or VoIP phone paging system, or enhance the audio environment with sound masking or background music.

A worker in a hard hat walks through a warehouse. On the wall, the large Outdoor IP Sign shows the time and date.

Industrial Facilities

Warehouses and manufacturing companies use IP devices for process-dependent alert messaging, security monitoring, and emergency planning.