Find, control, schedule, and monitor your AND devices


IPClockwise runs on a PC/Mac to send audio and text alerts to AND IP Display and IP Speaker devices. The application provides a complete solution for programming and scheduling AND devices. IPClockWise also works along side our partner software solutions or Cisco Call Manager as a debugging tool.

General Features

  • Instantly finds all of your AND devices
  • Programmable clock chimes and bell scheduling
  • Configurable groups and zones
  • Supports 2-way communication
  • Configurable switchboard for push button access to alerts and paging
  • Configures news, weather, stock, Twitter, #hashtag, and RSS feeds
  • Built-in timer, stopwatch, and scoreboard
  • Built-in pixel graphic builder for creating custom graphics on AND devices
  • Controllable brightness and volume for different times of day/night
  • Volume override capability
  • Runs in the background with virtually no CPU
  • Easy access to sound library for downloadable sound libraries or user-generated audio files
  • Supports background music/audio
  • All settings saved on exit

The IPClockWise application comes included with each device. To download the application, documentation, and sound files, visit our Portal. For additional configuration and applications with IPClockWise, see our Technical Resources page.


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