Displays can be used for all sorts of streaming messages including; RSS/Stock/Weather feeds, advertisements, pixmaps and emergency alerts.
IP Clocks are today’s standard in synchronized time, delivering both power and time updates through one cable connected to your facility’s Ethernet.
AND endpoints can be combined with any one of the many IP based softwares. Easily send a notification to a specific set of classrooms,portion of the campus, or the entire campus.

Constant noises and commotion will always be an issue, but with sound masking technology any office building or facility can control these unwanted distractions.
When connected to an AND device, a single strobe can be activated based on the push of a button. This allows the user to identify an emergency in a particular room or area.
Increase student learning with the push of a button.  Any microphone can be broadcast to a single speaker or group of speakers.


door monitoring
Call button1

Not every door has to be a controlled entrance, nor is this the only solution. The simple process of monitoring or sounding a tone upon entrance can become a preventative measure in security.
AND devices can be configured to auto-answer incoming calls. When a call is made to a device, the microphone is automatically turned on to detect noise from anywhere in the room. The addition of the AND Call Button allows calls to be initiated from any AND device with a microphone.


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