IP Endpoints in the Corporate Landscape:
This synchronized time system has unique sound masking capabilities, built in microphone, scrolling text capabilities, and two way communication paging functions. You can check the status of one clock or the whole system of clocks in the office using the Clockwise software that comes with the system. Additionally, each endpoint is 100% configurable using parameters via a web browser to control brightness, volume, fonts and servers. Device is easy to install with only a CAT 5 connection. No added costs for software updates or maintenance are required.

Streamline Communication:
Manage Workplace Alert Notifications:
Low Maintenance:

One step solution to manage all communication and alerts in an office environment. Software through IPclockwise (included) can now easily manage your:
  • Atomic Synchronized Clock
  • Timers
  • Intercom
  • Paging
  • Door Monitoring
  • Scrolling text: News feeds, Weather feeds, Stock feeds, RSS Feeds and Twitter
  • Alert System
  • Advertising, product promotions, company announcements
  • Cues for scheduled events
  • Talk to individual members through two way communication and paging.  You can talk to one device, a group of devices or the entire network
  • Cues for scheduled events (lunch, office meetings etc.)
  • Utilize crisis communication alerts and notifications
  • Schedule targeted news feeds to one or all devices
  • Field up-gradable built in web server.
  • No new software updates or maintenance required

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