Door Monitoring

Has your institution debated if locks and keys are still enough to keep a school’s perimeter secure? In K-12, Higher Education, and other institutions, there is a major threat of unwanted or uncontrolled visitors entering the facility. Using the Integrated Door Monitoring & Access Control feature the user is alerted when an unwanted visitor enters or moves around the building. Once the potential threat has been determined it becomes quick and easy to assess and remedy the situation.

The Value of IP
Monitor Or Control
Sheer Volume
The Power of the Network

Tying this type of system into a phone or unified communication system becomes invaluable. Not only is the system able to identify possible intruders, but it can immediately notify appropriate personnel.

Not every door has to be a controlled entrance, nor is this the only solution. The simple process of monitoring or sounding a tone upon entrance can become a preventative measure in security.

On average, K-12 schools have between 8 and 20 external doors. It becomes virtually impossible to manually secure every possible entrance without as automated system in place.

Once put on the network everything can be controlled remotely and scheduled.

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