Gyms and Recreation

Enhance Members Experience:
  • Advertise your events, promotions, sponsors, or vendors with scrolling text and audio scheduled to play at a controllable periodicity
  • Programmable clock chimes & bell scheduling
  • Countdown timer, game clocks, score keeping & stopwatch capabilities for your courts, lap pools and workout facilities
  • Display news, weather, stock, RSS or Twitter Feeds.   Send the same feed or different feeds to multiple devices or even multiple feeds to the same device.
  • Mute capability & zoning to speak to only your aerobics classrooms, gyms, locker rooms or main lobby.
  • Emergency notification: Send scrolling text and audio with pre-recorded messages, or live from a microphone, or from the IP phone system.

Replace & Streamline:
Improve Member Communication:
Advertise your Events...Or Others

The first single-device solution for health clubs and sports complexes.  IP Clock and Clockwise (provided software) can now easily manage your:
  • Atomic synchronized Clock
  • Timers
  • Intercom
  • Paging
  • Aerobic Classroom Mic and Speaker System
  • Facility / Background Music
  • Alert System
  • Digital Signage / Advertising
  • Pace Clock
  • Talk to only those members that will benefit from your message.  You can talk to one device, a group of devices or the entire network
  • Cues for scheduled events (i.e. "The gym will be closing in 10 minutes)
  • Creates and stores alerts for execution at any time
  • Ability to choose what devices are being used to broadcast an event
  • The event utilizes the scrolling text feature of IP Clocks along with audio tones to emphasize specific announcements
  • Design your own graphics.  Import bitmaps, jpegs, etc.
  • Generate revenue by advertising local businesses, events or even local sports team's game days
Health clubs provide advertisers a unique opportunity to reach their audience while they are most captive.  Allowing them to zero in on an active community of local clientele.  You perhaps unknowingly hold the key to a targeted demographic of health & wellness conscious consumers.


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