Higher Education

AND IP devices provide reliable, effective alerts and messaging for emergencies and other mass notification.

Safety First
In the event of an emergency, you need a communication system that can carry out an effective safety plan. This system improves all emergency response events keeping students safe on campuses of all shapes and sizes. Additionally, regulations like the Clery Act make it important to have a flexible mass notification solution and a single point of messaging.
  • Advanced Network Devices IP endpoints can be combined with any one of the many IP based software solutions.
  • Broadcast to phones, speakers, SMS text, email, school website and more all at once.
  • Easily send a notification to a specific set of classrooms, portion of the campus or the entire campus.
  • When there is a problem with a device or a loss of connection receive immediate notification.
Zone Controller
Mass Notification
Emergency Alerts and Scrolling Text
Advanced Network Devices' zone controller allows you to take advantage of your existing system to integrate without IP devices and Software. Connecting this single device to your existing speaker system's amplifier allows you to realize many of the same benefits of IP with your existing hardware
Integration of several systems into one makes the Advanced Network Devices priority systems critical.  The assignment of priorities allows you to use your mission critical notification system for every day announcements and bells with peace of mind.  
With one of the most robust full-duplex communication feature sets (with potential for audio, scrolling text, flashers, and strobes), AND endpoints makes it easier to use in an emergency situation. Should an emergency notification be needed, the message can be assigned a priority of a 1.  A priority of 1 tells the device to abort  all current and previously scheduled messages to deliver the emergency message, and to flash the optional flashers or optional strobe if really critical. 


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