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AND offers a variety of Gen2 products that are PoE/PoE+ (Power Over Ethernet, including the new high power standard) and require no special hardware or servers.
Due to the versatile features and flexibility of the AND products, our devices have been configured into communication systems in many different markets.
Each of our products comes equipped with our full set of features allowing for a single device to replace several systems within a building, including the following: synchronized clock, public address (PA), intercom, panic button, timers, bell scheduler and digital messaging.

Explore more below to learn how AND products are applicable to your environment or go to the Products Page to learn more about individual devices.

Public Address (PA) & Scheduling

Condense all paging, bells, clocks, and timers to a single server at the district office with IP Speakers and IP Clocks at the schools.

Mass Notification

The ability to show atomic-synchronized time simultaneously using groups of phones, speakers, and PCs to send different audio, alerts, advertising, and messages to different groups of people instantly or at scheduled intervals.

Sound Masking

Atomic-synchronized clock and intercom system with time down to the seconds. Tell a doctor he has a call or patient waiting. Send messages throughout the hospital. All of the paging/intercom benefits above, plus background sound-masking for more isolation and privacy in a room.

Social Media Integration & Targeted Advertising

Improve your facilities communication. Advertise your club events, indicate closing and daily events, emergency notifications, and send real-time or scheduled messages.


Streamline Communication

Technology plus communication increases effectiveness in the workplace. Notify, organize and send direct messages to certain people, groups or the whole company in the office. Advertise your company events, news, or achievements. Use the built-in timers to track status of key events.

Workplace Notification Systems

Send real time information to your workers through alerts and notifications to indicate key performance variables.

Advertising & Paging Systems

Implementing IP speakers and IP clocks in retail stores and buildings offers advantages in unified communications and advertising applications.

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