Peripheral Interface Adapter


Peripheral Interface Adapter (AND-PIA-2 and AND-PIA-2D)

This Peripheral Interface Adapter board provides a way for AND IP devices* to interface with analog devices and peripherals over the network:

  • Operate electronic locks for access control
  • Connect to sensors and contact closures for security monitoring
  • Connect a microphone for voice amplification

The board includes two “poke-home” connectors, making the following signals available:

  • Line Level Audio In
  • Line Level Audio Out
  • 2 General Purpose Inputs
  • General Purpose Output Relay (N.O. or N.C.; dry or 12V or 15V DC, 1A max)

Device Requirements:

  • Compatible with AND devices of MAC address 20:46:F9:03:00:00 or higher
  • Recommended PoE+ power source for all display models using the 12 V or 15VDC output
  • Use 18-22 AWG stranded or solid core wire for connections

*AND-PIA-2D connects to IPSIGNL-RWB and IPCDS-RWB. AND-PIA-2 connects to most others devices. The adapter board does not support IPSCM, IPSIGN-O, or IPSMS-SM-O.

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