Customer Experiences

Birdville Locks Down School with the Push of a Button

Birdville Independent School District has implemented the Smart IP Button (IPBTN) to guarantee the fastest response for critical emergencies. The Smart IP Button acts as a panic button to trigger an immediate, complete lockdown of a facility for the worst-case emergency situation. With one push of the button, the system launches a series of alerts, including mass notification throughout the facility, instant locking of the badge-reader door access control locks, and an alert to emergency responders.

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Pembina Trails School Division Updates Paging and Bell System within Budget

With an outdated paging system, failing speakers, and separate systems for alerts and bell schedules, Pembina Trails School Division needed to update their mass notification system, while taking into account budget limitations. See how PoE IP devices from Advanced Network Devices helped them accomplish their goal.

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Forest Lake Makes Communication More Effective with AND, Singlewire, and JIVE

Bell, paging, and emergency system upgrade case study
Forest Lake Christian School upgraded their bell, paging, and emergency notification system as part of their efforts to update their network infrastructure. See how they simplified their administration process and made communication more effective with a comprehensive solution that includes AND IP devices, managed by Singlewire InformaCast, and integrated with JIVE VoIP phones.

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Bishop Hartley High School Chooses AND Devices

Bishop Hartley installed AND IP PoE devices throughout their campus to replace the old paging and bell scheduling system, saving money and improving the ability to communicate with faculty, staff, and students.