Why Choose Our Devices

Easy to Install

An icon with a drawing of an Ethernet plug to indicate simple installation with Power over Ethernet (PoE and PoE+). Connect with a standard network cable…

  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) IP devices
  • No need for new electrical cables or placing near AC outlets
  • No certification required — anyone can place and connect the devices
  • Simply connect — and “You’re on!”

Easy to Integrate

An icon with a drawing of puzzle pieces to match integration of platforms, software, and protocols. Devices compatible with mass notification systems

  • Configures with your mass notification software
  • Works with SIP, Cisco Call Manager, and VoIP phone systems
  • Capability for HTTP callbacks and SNMP traps

Easy to Notify

An icon with a drawing of a megaphone to indicate the extensive reach with a mass notification system. Many ways to reach the diverse needs of your audience…

  • Engage with sounds, voice, text, colors, flashers, and strobes
  • Flexible to reach individual devices or groups as needed
  • Integrate with non-network devices such as sensors, locks, contact closures, and traditional speakers for a more robust notification system
  • Lockdown a facility and notify the authorities with the push of a button

Easy to Scale

An icon with a drawing of a hand stacking blocks to symbolize adding IP devices as an organization grows. Prepare for the changing needs of your organization…

  • Scale mass notification systems with renovations or new facilities
  • Field-upgradable for continual development and easy addition of future features
  • Expand to a room, a building, a campus, a school district

Easy to Choose

An icon with a drawing of a hand selecting one marble from a series to symbolize the ease of choosing our IP devices. Choosing IP PoE for mass notification makes sense…

  • Reduced costs from leveraging existing network with a low-maintenance solution
  • Reduced costs from simplified installation and powering over Ethernet
  • Increased reliability when backing up the network switch centrally

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