Sound Masking

All AND devices have built in sound masking capabilities. The sound is generated locally to the device so it doesn’t use network bandwidth.

Creating a peaceful environment in healthcare and other facilities is necessary to eliminate unwanted distractions. Constant noises and commotion will always be an issue, but with sound masking technology any office building or facility can control these unwanted distractions.

The speaker system can be installed in new or existing buildings, or if you already have AND products, sound masking can simply be enabled and controlled.

Easy Installation
Endpoint Level Control

The AND sound masking feature is easily configured in each device and is available regardless of which software your system is running.

AND devices allow you to integrate sound masking and paging into one seamless system. Sound masking and paging can be mixed to ensure consistent sound masking.

AND sound masking is designed to be controlled at either the system level or at the individual device via a toggle style button. A single button can even control several devices configured as a zone.

Sound masking is a locally generated combination of pink and or white noise in several variations. AND endpoints allow you to customize the sound that is best suited to your environment.

Sound Masking Example

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