While Advanced Network Devices offers a series of display products with three emergency flashers on the unit there is often a need for a security grade external strobe light. This peripheral can be used for additional coverage on the AND Flasher models or to add flasher capability to our non-flasher and outdoor units. There are two offerings for the strobe. The first is the IP Strobe Kit which attaches to nearly any AND device. The second offering is a standalone alone IP Strobe.

High Priority
Button Trigger
Contact Closure

When connected to an AND device each event can be assigned a priority. These priorities can be associated with commands such as activating the strobe light.

AND devices support both audio and visual messaging, in conjunction with the strobe, which is a great means of gaining the intended audience’s attention for the upcoming message.

When connected to an AND device, a single strobe can be activated based on the push of a button. This allows the user to identify an emergency in a particular room or area.

Used in conjunction with basic contact closures on windows or doors the combination of a strobe and audio tones can deter break-ins and prevent emergencies.

AND Strobe

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