Synchronized Clock

Accurate time is an integral part of a facility’s communication system.  With our IP clock and IP speaker technology, visual time as well as all other critical alerts, announcements, news/weather/stock feeds, and countdown/up timers can be managed through the network systems server. Clocks are controlled by PoE (Power-Over-Ethernet) network switches, or with an PoE power injector. Never set the clock’s time again, never adjust for Daylight Savings, lower your installation and operation costs,  ensure accurate time on all clocks in your facility, and eliminate the need for electrical outlets, conduit, or batteries.

Schools, universities, hospitals, office buildings, manufacturing and other facilities all benefit from the easy installation and low maintenance of synchronized Power over Ethernet devices.

Synchronized Time
  • Atomic time:
    • Synced to atomic time, via 2 settable NTP servers
    • Never set the time, even for Daylight Savings, ever again
    • Set clock to any time zone in the world
  • Clock display:
    • Use any of the 20 clock fonts available in 15 colors. See configurable clockfonts.
    • Options to display seconds, AM/PM designation, 24-hour time, GMT, and minute progress bar
    • Two line mode to display current time in addition to the date or other news/weather/stock/announcement/alert feeds.  Date includes day, month, year, weekday, etc. in any order
  • Scrolling text feeds: Simultaneously to the atomic time, you may also display the following in a scrolling fashion on a second line on the display, or to periodically repalce the clock with a scrolling display. These feeds of may also have relevant settable audio alerts or sounds. See the Message Board and Visual Indicators page for more information.
    • RSS feeds
    • Current News feeds
    • Current Stock quotes and/or news
    • Twitter feeds
    • Current Weather and forecast for your (or any) location)
  • Clock Chimes:
    • Support countless clock chime programs, including Westminster, Cuckoo, Nature, various sports and themes, or create your own
    • May be muted or have different volume at different times of day
    • May be enabled on all or selected devices


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