Voice Amplification

The use of a voice reinforcement system in the classroom or other venue is one that has been tested and proven to increase student learning and engagement. It has been estimated that as much as 45% of the school day is spent listening as the primary form of learning.

The AND Voice Reinforcement system allows teachers to use a standard microphone to amplify their daily lessons through any AND IP endpoint speaker in their classroom. This allows for a uniform experience for all students regardless of their location in the classroom.

The Facts
Leverage Existing Technology
Safety First

Studies estimate that there are about 46 million students in the US grades K-12. Twenty percent have been determined to have some form of hearing or attention loss which can cause behavioral problems and inhibit academic performance.

Schools can leverage their AND based PA and bell systems for individual classroom voice amplification by giving control of the audio to the teacher.

Priorities can be set to allow emergency messages to override the teacher's voice being amplified in the room.

Flexibility is the key to success and voice amplification is no different. Increase student learning with the push of a button. Any microphone can be broadcast to a single speaker or group of speakers.



The voice reinforcement system can be implemented in several different ways:

  1.  Microphone connected to line-in on AND device
  2.  Microphone into a PC
  3. Wireless headset connected to a PC
  4. Wireless headset connected to the AND device over line-in

Sample Voice Reinforcement Configurations

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