Emergency Planning

Keep people safe and secure with IP devices that ensure clear and effective communication in an emergency.

A lecture hall evacuates due to the multi-color Tornado warning message on the Large IP Display device.

Broadcast Emergency Alerts

Broadcast urgent notifications and instructions using IP devices, with text and graphics on displays, and alert sounds and announcements on speakers.

A teacher with elementary students responds 'All safe in Room 12' to an Earthquake Safety Call on a IP Speaker with Display.

Stay Connected for Updates

Full-duplex, two-way intercom on IP devices enable instant, urgent communication between rooms across a building or campus.

An IP device displays 'Code Blue' with bright yellow background and blue flasher in a hospital ER with doctor and patients.

Reach Largest Audience

Bright colors and flashers on IP displays improve awareness to reach your full intended audience, with the ability to target specific rooms, zones, or buildings as needed.

A hand presses a Smart IP Button under an office desk.

Prepare for Key Scenarios

IP buttons enable instant alerts that can lock all the doors in a building, broadcast special instructions, and call emergency responders with a pre-recorded message – all with one push of a button.

IP devices in a school hallway with red, white, and blue flashers and a lockdown message, and automated door locks engaged.

Interface with Critical Systems

Leverage general purpose connections on IP devices to operate access control devices such as automated locks over the network, as well as trigger alerts in response to sensor or contact closure activation.