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A Rich History of Best in Class Technology

Advanced Network Devices (AND) designs and sells sophisticated multi-media products. AND has a rich engineering pool and world class video and audio technology. AND's IP Speaker and IP Clock technology is widely deployed in a wide variety of markets.
AND was an early provider of PoE (Power over Ethernet) communication devices, selling IP speakers since 2004. AND was one of the first, if not the first provider of PoE, IP loudspeakers. The technology is mature and long proven; which has facilitated a low cost, stable product with a rich set of features, backed up by a strong, stable, engineering-rich company.
With the average engineer experience being over 15 years  and over 10 years of operation, AND is committed to the creation of high quality products. Having sold thousands of units before others even got started, AND has an advance on economies of scale, quality, and the agility needed to respond to marketplace demands.
AND is a wholly owned subsidiary of Digital Design Corporation (DDC), a stable, long-established 35-engineer product design organization committed to providing high-end digital design services and products.


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