AV Integration Solutions

Walton Central School building

An IP Display flashing the word LOCKDOWN in a school hallway

A smartboard in a classroom with emergency messaging

Classroom Technology and Emergency Planning Go Hand-in-Hand

By replacing antiquated systems, Walton Central School District has transformed into a model district of classroom technology and emergency preparedness, investing in technology that:

  • Enhances the learning experience in the classrooms
  • Integrates with the district’s IP-based mass notification system

AV integrators can help school districts invest in solutions that leverage technology to engage students and communicate emergency procedures. This solution offers a more unified solution that customers can easily manage and maintain, while increasing the value of the offering.

Walton Central chose IP displays and speakers from Advanced Network Devices (ANetD) for:

  • Paging and intercom
  • Bell scheduling
  • Classroom management tools

Additionally, these devices work alongside smartboards and monitors to more effectively communicate visual and audible emergency notifications including:

  • Lockdowns
  • Shelter-in-place
  • Fire drills
  • Weather alerts

Watch the video to see how Walton Central School District leveraged ANetD IP displays and their existing classroom technology such as interactive whiteboards, cell phones, desktops to simultaneously communicate critical alerts, or contact our team to learn more how you can integrate mass notification solutions when installing security systems.