ClockWise Campus in Spanish and Canadian French

ClockWise Campus allows full control of Advanced Network Devices IP PoE displays, speakers, and hubs. The software includes a PC-based desktop interface, as well as a background service that does not require the application to run for configured messaging and notifications to trigger. And now, the latest update includes a Spanish version and a Candian French version of our user-friendly web browser interface, which makes it easy for users to interact with IP devices with the push of a button.

Translated into Spanish
Translated into French

Key Features

  • Configure and manage bell scheduling
  • Send pages and initiate two-way intercom calls
  • Create, schedule, and trigger audio and visual alerts
  • Monitor all your ANetD devices, which populate automatically
  • Configure notifications for LED and LCD displays
  • Create your own pixel graphics for custom messaging
  • Stream background music
  • Includes an option to install a web browser version in Spanish and Canadian French

*Please note that the Spanish and Canadian French translation only applies to the web interface for users. The desktop interface for administrators currently only exists in English.

Each IP device purchase comes with ClockWise Campus included. Visit our customer portal to download ClockWise Campus.

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