ESA Security Integrator Opportunity

Double-Sided HD IP Display showing a Lockdown warning in a school hallway

An IP display device shows a shelter in place message in a healthcare exam room.

Increase Your Security Project Sales with IP Devices

Did you know that integrators who offer traditional security systems to schools and hospitals often miss the opportunity to identify additional needs, such as how they plan to communicate during critical events and direct people to safety?

  • With a few key exploratory questions, a security dealer can add $75,000 or more to a project with a mass notification solution
  • Integrating a security system with IP PoE devices guarantees clear communication after security breaches and critical events
  • No certification needed as the devices install easily, powering on when connecting the Ethernet cable

IP displays and speakers from Advanced Network Devices can integrate with:

  • Access control systems
  • IP cameras
  • Fire panels
  • Contact closures

Once integrated with an ANetD IP device, a facility can manage analog systems and devices on the network for more effective lockdowns, shelter-in-place procedures, fire drills, and weather alerts.

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