ClockWise Campus

ClockWise Campus (PC-based) allows full control of Advanced Network Devices IP PoE displays, speakers, and hubs. The software includes a desktop interface, as well as a background service that does not require the application to run for configured messaging and notifications to trigger. And now, the software also includes a user-friendly web browser interface that enables users to interact with IP devices with the push of a button.

Key Features

  • Configure and manage bell scheduling
  • Send pages and initiate two-way intercom calls
  • Create, schedule, and trigger audio and visual alerts
  • Monitor all your ANetD devices, which populate automatically
  • Configure notifications for LED and LCD displays
  • Create your own pixel graphics for custom messaging
  • Stream background music
  • Includes an option to install a web browser in English, Spanish, or Canadian French

Each device purchase comes with ClockWise Campus included. Visit our customer portal to download ClockWise Campus.

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