Enhance Your Environment

Take advantage of IP devices to help improve the daily experience for everyone at your organization. These audio features transition smoothly to announcements and alerts.

The overhead IP speakers provide sound masking to keep a conversation between a doctor and patient in a hospital ER private.

Sound Masking

All IP devices with speakers come with built-in sound masking, including several configurable variations of white and pink noise.

A woman with a headset microphone presents a bar chart in a lecture hall, while IP devices amplify her voice.

Voice Amplification

Connect a wireless microphone and receiver to an IP device to amplify voice during a lecture or presentation in a larger space.

IP Speakers and an IP display with the time and scrolling message play music to a large, open-air lobby at a public facility.

Background Music

Broadcast background music to specific IP devices or groups of devices to enhance the audio environment of your facility.