Selling IP with ANetD and Cisco

When a school, hospital, or warehouse wants to keep the facility informed throughout the day and safe during critical events, they need IP PoE dsiplays and speakers for updates and alerts as part of a mass notification solution. Bundling these devices as part of a network, paging & intercom, security, and/or AV upgrade can create added value for the customer and increase your sales.

Paging & Intercom

Communicate live and pre-recorded announcements to target specific rooms, areas, buildings, or campus. Built-in microphones enable hands-free, full-duplex two-way communication, integrating with Cisco UCM installations.

Messaging & Scheduling

Keep everyone on a schedule and communicate critical messaging with scrolling text, flashing lights, strobe, voice, sounds, and music, providing important updates and directing traffic to safety.

Security Integration & Emergency Planning

Integrate with access control and monitoring equipment to coordinate security protocols, respond to breaches, and plan for emergencies.

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