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AND recommends using configuration files to provision devices. You can find our Configuration File Reference Manual via our customer portal.

Device Configuration

Device Firmware Updates Update the firmware for a device or group of devices. For the latest available firmware and downloads, access the customer portal.
Configure an AND Device as a SIP Device Configure an AND device to act as a SIP device that can interact with a SIP server.
SIP Device in Call Manager Add an AND device as a SIP Device in Cisco Call Manager.
Sound Masking Use the built-in sound masking capabilities on an AND device.
External Speaker Interface Connect a second speaker to an AND device.
Configuration File Validation Access Portal for This Guide »
Restrict Access to Device Web Interface via SNMP Access Portal for This Guide »
Priority Option Settings Configure Priority Option Settings, otherwise called the Low Priority Ignore feature, which can help limit text display and mute audio on devices in a desired area.
Attaching Ferrite Core Attach the ferrite core for a device.
Paging Message Interrupt Set up a continuous scrolling message to pause for the duration of an audio page, and then automatically resume.
Activating Flashers Activate the flashing indicator lights on an AND IP display device via associated Priorities, SIP calls, or IPClockWise software functionality.
Analog Clock Synchronization Synchronize time on analog clocks using a ZONEC2 Zone Controller as the Master Clock.
LLDP-MED Configuration with Cisco Switch Integrate AND devices on a voice VLAN using LLDP-MED.
MOBOTIX Interface an AND device with a Mobotix Q25M camera.
Polycom Configure and control communication between AND devices and Polycom phones.


Hosting Configuration Files with IPClockWise Set up an aggregate configuration file for all devices using IPClockWise.
Pixel Graphics (Pixmaps) Take advantage of still and animated pixel graphics (pixmaps) in IPClockWise for IP display devices.
Embeddable Control Commands IPClockWise supports several control commands that you can embed in the scrolling text strings used in alerts.
Sound Files for Alerts Download sound libraries or create your own sound files for alerts in IPClockWise and third-party software (if supported).
Bell Scheduling with IPClockWise Create and manage a bell schedule with IPClockWise.
IPClockWise WCF Trigger Setup a WCF trigger within IPClockWise.
SIP Integration Integrate IP devices in a SIP environment using IPClockWise.
IPClockWise Professional Service Configure IPClockWise Professional Service, which will perpetually run in the background, handling all tasks, even without an open IPClockWise application or without any users logged in to the computer.
Migrate IPClockWise Settings Migrate settings from one computer or virtual machine (VM) to another.
Zeroconf with IPClockWise (Running an Endpoint Standalone with a PC) Use IPClockWise in cases where you do not have access to the network (mainly for standalone applications and demos).

General Purpose Inputs and Outputs

General Purpose Output Interface Use the GPIO of AND devices to connect and control an external device, such as a relay-controlled strobe.
Push Button Input Use the GPIO of AND devices to connect an external push button to initiate calls and activate alerts.
Using GPIO with IPClockWise Configure GPIO-related events in IPClockWise (also known as GPIO Callback).
Line-In Audio Make line-in audio connections (supported by most AND devices), which enables local amplification of the line-in audio on the device’s speaker(s), as well as the ability to broadcast the line-in audio over a network via multicast.
Line-Out Audio Make line-out audio connections (supported by most AND devices), which enables external amplification, recording, etc.
Pigtail Cable Assembly Build the 2-wire cable that establish a physical connection between an AND device and another device.
Temperature Sensors Configure the temperature sensors equipped on an AND device.
GE IR Remote Setup Configure an IR remote to make SIP calls and change volume on a live call.
Extron Paging Sensor Setup an Extron Paging Sensor with AND IP devices.

Third-Party Software

Using Message Priorities with InformaCast Use AND message priority actions with Singlewire InformaCast software.
Configuring Device for InformaCast M2M Configure an AND device to use InformaCast Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technology, which enables an AND device triggered by an event like a contact closure input to transmit a message to InformaCast for triggering alerts.
Inline Text Message Markup Define text fonts, colors, shadows, and flashing, as well as LED flasher behavior for AND display devices within InformaCast and other compatible third-party software.
OnBoard Messages Store text messages and pixel graphics directly on a device, making easy to trigger for immediate display from a third-party application or as initiated by a general purpose input signal.
OnBoard Sound Playback Store audio files of sounds and pre-recorded messages directly on a device, making easy to trigger from a SIP call or a third-party application or as initiated by a general purpose input signal.

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