AND Button Kit


AND Button Kit (AND-BTN-KIT-1)


AND Button Kit (AND-BTN-KIT-1D)

With a push of a button, the AND Button Kit enables the initiation of a hands-free two-way communication when connected to an AND PoE IP device.

  • Make a call or accept a call
  • Silently activate a notification
  • Trigger alerts that activate other devices, such as a strobe
  • Operates by connecting the Peripheral Interface Adapter (included) to AND IP devices*
  • Easily mounts to any standard single-gang junction box
  • Dimensions: 2.75”w x 4.5”h

*AND-BTN-KIT-1D required for connection to IPSIGNL-RWB and IPCDS-RWB.

AND-BTN-KIT-1 connects to most devices. The kit does not support IPSCM or IPSWS-SM-O.

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