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How do I configure the devices to register with InformaCast?

The AND devices should automatically register with InformaCast when powered up on the network. If they do not:
1) Verify the InformaCast SLP parameters.

On the InformaCast server, from the Admin –> Network Parameters –> SLP Parameters page:

– check that Publish Configuration File Service is set to Yes

– check that SLP Scope is set to Berbee Applications

– check that the URL of Configuration File Server is set to where is the IP address of the InformaCast server

2) Verify the devices are finding the configuration file.

From the device’s web server, view the Device Status –> Configuration Information page (/config). An SLP DA announcement for the InformaCast server should appear in the top half:

SLP DA Advertisement received from ‘’. Reported DA with scope list ‘Berbee Applications’ at ‘’. Scope list matched our scope (‘Berbee Applications’). DA checked for service ‘InformaCastConfiguration’ and it reported 1 url(s):
In the bottom half of the Configuration Information page, the InformaCastSpeaker.cfg file should show as retrieved:

failed to retrieve from server: ‘IPSpeaker2046f90301d1.xml’
failed to retrieve from server: ‘IPSpeaker2046f90301d1.cfg’
failed to retrieve from server: ‘InformaCastSpeaker2046f90301d1.cfg’
failed to retrieve from server: ‘IPSpeaker.xml’
failed to retrieve from server: ‘IPSpeaker.cfg’
config file retrieved: ‘InformaCastSpeaker.cfg’
server used for all new files

How do I edit the speaker configuration file?

The speaker configuration file resides on the InformaCast server: In Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\SingleWire\InformaCast\webapp\resources\ In Linux: /usr/local/singlewire/InformaCast/web/resources/
By default, the filename is InformaCastSpeaker.cfg. Editing this file will change the settings on all ANetD devices that register to this instance of InformaCast, unless a MAC-specific configuration file also exists in the same directory, e.g., InformaCastSpeaker2046f9034d2f.cfg, in which case the MAC-specific file takes priority over the general file. An aggregate speaker configuration file can also be added to include settings unique to each device on the network, such as SIP extension assignment, default volume settings, etc. See the Gen 2 Configuration Summary document in the Documents section for details on syntax and available settings.

How do I access the Device Settings pages on the device’s web server?

If the ANetD device finds a valid speaker configuration file on the InformaCast server, the speaker settings pages are then made inaccessible from the device’s web server pages. This is a security feature. All speaker settings should be modified using the configuration file as detailed in the Gen 2 Configuration Summary document in the Documents section.
If access to the Speaker Settings pages is required, the configuration file(s) on the InformaCast server can be renamed temporarily to an unrecognized format that the device will no longer detect (i.e., InformaCastSpeaker.cfg.sav). Reboot the device and allow up to 5 minutes for the Speaker Settings link to return to the device’s web page.

How do I update the firmware for the device?

The speaker firmware file(s) should be placed in the same directory as the speaker configuration file(s) on the InformaCast server: In Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\SingleWire\InformaCast\webapp\resources\ In Linux: /usr/local/singlewire/InformaCast/web/resources/
Add or modify the following lines in the speaker’s configuration file to reference the new firmware file:

Reboot the speakers and they will update to the desired firmware release. Do not interrupt the update process. The speaker may reboot 2 or 3 times and it may take up to five minutes for the update to complete.

See the Firmware Versions section to download the latest releases.

How do I utilize the three LED flashers on a device using InformaCast?

ANetD devices can trigger pre-programmed behavior based on an audio and/or text message’s specified priority level. These actions include activation of one or more of the three LED flashers, message text color changes, display brightness changes and activation of the general purpose output, used for interfacing with external devices such as a strobe.
1. Configure the desired priority behavior(s) on the ANetD devices. Sign up or log into the ANetD customer portal in order to download the Gen 2 Configuration Summary document for details on configuring Priority actions on ANetD devices. This configuration information is also available in App Note 40.

2. In order to take advantage of these priorities with Singlewire’s InformaCast software, InformaCast version 9.0.1 or newer must be installed: Click here to update InformaCast if needed.

3. Next, InformaCast can be configured to match the priority range of ANetD devices. The default range of priority levels in InformaCast is only 1-3. Log into the InformaCast server and go to the Admin, Broadcast Parameters page. Set the number of priority levels to 100 and click the Update button to save the new setting.

4. When creating InformaCast messages, the Message Priority field in the Audio tab can now be utilized to activate the configured priority actions on the targeted ANetD devices. The default level is 50; 1 is the highest priority, 100 is the lowest.

How can I contact Singlewire for additional support?

For Technical Support, call 608.661.1140, Option 2 or visit Online Support Request. For Sales Support, please click here.
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